Superyacht Fitness are embarking on a new era of superyacht wellness with their ground-breaking app, in partnership with ARVRA. Superyacht Fitness are set to redefine how you approach onboard health, fitness, and crew wellbeing. Designed exclusively to transform mind and body fitness, this is every superyachts golden ticket to elevating the onboard experience, fostering a positive culture and enhancing crew retention.

Find out more about Crew Mental Health: A Compassionate Approach with Superyacht Fitness

With a mission to cut through the overcomplicated and expensive wellness industry, ARVRA provides life tools for everyone, not just the elite 1%. Recently, ARVRA forged a partnership with Superyacht Fitness, and the synergy between these two entities promises a transformative impact on the wellbeing of superyacht crews.

Georgie Spurling, Founder and CEO of ARVRA said, “Superyacht Fitness is a company we are incredibly proud to partner with, in the fact that their values align with ours, we really want to help people be well! There are so many parallels that can be drawn between the superyacht industry and corporate sectors, in the fact they are time-poor, travel a lot, feel very stressed and the majority of them are struggling with their mental health due to fast-paced, pressured lives. There is also an epidemic of illness caused by stress at the moment, and we are here preventing people from getting to the crisis point. They don’t tend to prioritise themselves.”

Shared Values and Vision

ARVRA’s commitment to demystifying wellness aligns seamlessly with Superyacht Fitness’s core values. Both entities share the goal of making a real difference in people’s lives, a principle that became evident when Tim and Glen from Superyacht Fitness met the ARVRA team. This meeting sparked the realisation that by combining forces, they could pioneer a wellness revolution in the challenging and unique setting of the superyacht industry. Georgie says that, “ARVRA is all about supporting people dealing with life’s big moments, such as office changes/boat moves, working boundaries, grief, addiction, and more. We are providing specific content for the Superyacht crews such as cabin workouts, really quick de-stress tools, and tips on how to have a better work/life balance.  ARVRA always works off of client feedback, so we are looking forward to listening to what’s needed and acting accordingly with our experts.”

Tailoring Wellness for the Superyacht Lifestyle

Understanding the distinctive needs of superyacht crews, ARVRA tailors its approach, “The Superyacht Fitness app supports the key 5 dimensions of wellness, which are: Movement, nutrition, mindfulness, self-development, and recovery.  Within these dimensions there are tips on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Our aim was always to make wellness more accessible by putting everything under one easy roof.  One app, with all your wellbeing tools which makes the perfect travel buddy. With the crew’s lifestyle, I think that our breathwork/meditation, under-15-minute workouts, and life coaching section, will be the most used.”.

Superyacht Fitness is not just offering a service; we’re creating an ecosystem of support and empowerment at your fingertips.

Building Positive Culture and Crew Retention

ARVRA recognises the importance of understanding and shaping the culture onboard, “A healthy crew is a happy crew. From our experience the culture is critical and making employees happy and retaining them. With ARVRA we have a feedback section and also can see analytics on what is being used, who needs more help, and how we can then prevent them from a downward spiral. I think our bespoke cabin content will show the crew that it is totally doable to look after yourself, even working all hours on a boat.”

ARVRA’s impact is profound, with stories of lives transformed, “ARVRA exists to reach the most hard-to-reach place when it comes to well-being, where more challenging than the middle of the ocean. I built it for the people who find wellness inaccessible and confusing.”.  One remarkable account involves a woman diagnosed with MS. Through adopting ARVRA’s recipe and prioritising physical and mental health, she minimised relapses, became the fittest she’s ever been, and boosted her resilience significantly.

Strengthening Community Bonds

Community is a powerful tool, and with the newly introduced share button fosters camaraderie, allowing crewmates to train together, even when oceans apart. “The app is packed with tips and tools to help support and boost mental health and resilience. These are specifically designed to use in those moments when you’re feeling a little low. These include breathwork, meditations, CBT exercises, NLP therapy tips, resilience coaching and more. There is really something for everyone!”, Georgie explains.

When you work with Superyacht Fitness you’ll unlock this new app and experience a first-of-its-kind solution catering to the unique needs of superyacht crews. The app isn’t just a wellness tool; it’s a powerful asset for your crew’s performance!