Superyacht Fitness

For A Healthy Mind & Body

Achieve onboard wellness.

Our approach to physical and mental fitness goes beyond luxury gym design and installation.

We create personalised fitness plans, harness the power of cutting-edge equipment, and foster a sense of community that inspires collaboration and camaraderie.

Creating a positive culture and community onboard ensures owners and guests receive the best experience every time, no matter what is happening behind the scenes. Focusing on physical and mental health is essential for keeping the crew consistent and provide exceptional guest experiences!

Delivering innovative solutions for mind & body.

Superyacht Fitness is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that enhance the physical, mental and emotional health of owners, crew members and guests alike.

We believe the key to wellbeing is an holistic approach, encompassing multiple concepts to complement the onboard fitness and wellness infrastructure.


Bespoke designs for ANY space
Tailored fitness and wellness plans
State-of-the-art equipment
Expert guidance at your finger tips


We work in partnership with the most luxurious and innovative global brands.

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